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Cognitive Assessment System, Second Edition: Brief Form

Jack A. Naglieri, PhD, J. P. Das, PhD, and Sam Goldstein, PhD

Screens for cognitive processing ability
Paper and pencil
Age range:
4 years to 18 years
30–40 minutes
Qualification level:
All qualifications for Level B plus an advanced professional degree that provides appropriate training in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Close

The CAS2: Brief, a shorter version of the CAS2, is a valid and reliable tool to help you examine children and adolescents' strengths and weaknesses in important areas of cognitive processing.

  • Four subtest scores (Planned Codes, Simultaneous Matrices, Expressive Attention, and Successive Digits) are combined to yield a Total Score.
  • Designed to be used during initial testing to measure overall ability and for the examination of variability in PASS scores to determine possible implications for intervention.
  • Standardized using a group of 1,417 children and adolescents that closely represents the population of the U.S.