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Create Connections. Change Lives.

Why work at PAR?

Be kind. Do good.

These are the foundational pillars of PAR.

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Join the PAR team and help us make a difference.

Become part of a winning team that works every day to impact the lives of others through our best-in-class educational and psychological assessments.

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Career Opportunities

We research, develop, publish, and sell psychological tests that mental health professionals administer to their patients.

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Core Values

Be Kind.
Do Good.
Learn and Grow.
Play for the Team.

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PAR Principles

From innovation to unparalleled customer support to our company culture, the foundation we stand on sets us apart.

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Total Rewards

PAR offers its employees a well-rounded packages of benefits: Competitive salaries, health benefits, and more.

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Working for PAR is

  • Collaborative
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Challenging
  • Stimulating

Come join a diverse team of researchers, developers, designers, and customer support specialists who are committed to creating connections and changing lives.

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Career Opportunities

Become part of a winning team that works every day to impact the lives of others through our best-in-class psychological tests that support a variety of mental health workers and psychologists.

  • We research, develop, publish, and sell psychological tests that mental health professionals administer to their patients.
  • Our customers rely on our tests to assess for behavioral issues, learning disabilities, fitness to stand trial, psychological brain disorders, trauma, and more.
  • We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class customer support.
  • We give our time, treasures, and talents to help worthy organizations in our community.

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PAR's Core Values

Everything we do at PAR is guided by our Core Values.

Be Kind

Extend kindness to one another, to our customers, and to ourselves.

Do Good

Leave the world a better place through our products, our talent, and our time.

Learn and Grow

Invest time for education and expansion of professional and personal horizons.

Play for the Team

Collaborate, do your part, and step in when extra support is needed.

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PAR Principles

PAR was founded on these principles:

  • Publish INNOVATIVE, high-quality assessment instruments that meet customer needs.
  • Deliver UNPARALLELED customer service.
  • Hire EXCEPTIONAL people and take great care of them.
  • Give back to the COMMUNITY through donations of time and financial support to worthwhile organizations that help others.

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PAR offers its employees one of the best, well-rounded packages of benefits including:

Competitive salaries

Exceptional health benefits

Meritain Member Negotiated Rates

Dozens of others

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In Our Own Words

"PAR is a company that stands by its ethos. The care they put into ensuring their employees' professional and personal growth is the same care they put into outreach and support for those in need in our local communities. But on top of that, I work within a fun, flexible and supportive culture with exceptionally talented and smart people, and that makes it so easy to push myself into going the extra mile and delivering my best work."

In Our Own Word

"PAR is like a perfect trifecta…they continuously pour into their products/services, employees, and the community. I have never worked for a company that always thinks of ways to improve all three simultaneously. PAR wholeheartedly stands by its mission – Be Kind and Do Good. I love working here, and I understand why so many PAR employees have been here for over 10 years."

In Our Own Words

"I am grateful and feel blessed to be working at PAR with people who genuinely care for each other, have no hidden agendas, and give back so much to the community. My first impressions about being fortunate to be part of this team have not changed, and because of this I am motivated each day to do my best."

In Our Own Words

"When people ask me what I love most about working at PAR, it's the company culture and commitment to our core values in all that we do - never wavering and consistently evolving - only to be kinder and to do more good. This is not just a career spanning more than 30 years for me, it's an extended family that enriches my life and challenges me consistently. If you're searching for purpose in what you do and want to be part of a dynamic team that thrives on kindness, innovation, as well as personal and collective growth, then PAR is the place for you."

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