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Career Opportunities

Project Director (Neuropsych Focus)

Job Summary

In alignment with company’s business goals, the Project Director (PD) will assist the Director of Product Development (DPD) in driving product strategy, definition, and execution for PAR’s clinical assessment product line. The PD is responsible for the overall management of projects from acquisition through product release. As a psychologist, the PD serves as the primary content specialist, project manager, and psychometrician for the development of print and digital assessment products.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • Serve as subject matter expert for clinical assessments.
  • Understand competitive landscape and industry trends and maintain content expertise.
  • Translate product features into customer benefits and work with Marketing to develop messaging and positioning for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Sales to assess and create pricing, product positioning/USP, and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with VP/Chief Technology Officer and Project Manager/Business Analyst to develop digital requirements for digital assessments.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate product focus throughout entire organization including senior leadership, product development teams, Sales, and Marketing.
  • During the acquisition process, play a central role in author selection, content mapping, and product/proposal/executive committee (EC) approval.
  • Directly manage the development of clinical products, including: Performing psychometric test development procedures (including construct mapping, item development, pilot testing, sample planning, and statistical analysis); establishing and directly managing the development schedules and budgets of projects; collaborating with staff to develop technical materials for assigned projects; developing innovative content for score and interpretive reports across various content domains (e.g., personality, achievement/IQ, cognitive functioning, forensics, behavior).
  • Serve as a direct supervisor for various support positions with Research & Development.
  • Represent PAR at various local, regional, and national conventions.

Minimum Qualifications

  • PhD in psychology and a specific area of content specialization in neuropsychology.
  • Knowledge/experience in test development methods, measurement, psychometrics, and multivariate statistics. This is not a “pure” psychometrician methodology role.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Strong planning and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong sense of ownership and dedication to accomplish goals and succeed. 
  • Ability/willingness to meet aggressive deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of APA publication guidelines.
  • Competence with SPSS with some understanding of specialized stats packages (e.g., LISREL, AMOS, R).
  • Ability to blend creativity with analytical problem solving.
  • Strong commitment to own professional development, including staying current on relevant research, methodologies, etc.
  • Prior business experience is not required.

To apply, please forward resume and cover letter to:

Melissa Messer
16204 North Florida Avenue
Lutz, FL 33549
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