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Product information: The CAS2 is designed to measure cognitive processing abilities in children and adolescents.

Materials: The CAS2 Spanish Supplement Package includes a U.S. Spanish translation of Chapters 1-3 of the CAS2 Administration and Scoring Manual, a Spanish Expressive Attention and Verbal–Spatial Relations Stimulus Book, and a pack of 10 Spanish CAS2 Examiner Record Forms.

Norms: English norms only

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Product information: A comprehensive and cost-effective intelligence test, the RIAS provides the necessary information to help clinicians make decisions regarding classification, selection, and educational placement.

Materials: The RIAS materials, including the manual, have been translated into European Spanish and designed especially for Spanish-speaking clinicians and their clients. All normative data were collected in Spain. Certain test items and stimuli in this translation vary from the English version because of cultural and linguistic differences between the countries and their language. In addition, the RIAS screener, the Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test™ (RIST™), has also been translated and normed with a Spanish population.

Norms: European Spanish

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RIAS™-2 Record Form with Spanish Responses

Product information: The RIAS-2 is an objective, reliable, and comprehensive test of intelligence and its major components. The new RIAS-2 Record Form with Spanish Responses is a culturally fair assessment that allows bilingual and English language learners the option of answering items in Spanish.

Materials: The supplemental kit includes the RIAS-2 Record Form with Spanish Responses Manual Supplement and 25 RIAS-2 Record Forms with Spanish Responses. The forms offer correct Spanish-answer options for the RIAS-2 Guess What, Verbal Reasoning, and What’s Missing subtests. Also includes the Language Acculturation Meter.

Norms: English norms only

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