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Jay Schneller, PhD

Jay Schneller, PhD, is a Florida-licensed and nationally certified school psychologist at Edison Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington. Schneller earned his MS in psychology from Barry University, and later received his PhD in educational leadership in exceptional student education. He specializes in threat assessment in schools, school violence, adolescent behavior, school psychology, educational leadership, learning disabilities, and psychosocial evaluation. He is the author of the Psychosocial Evaluation and Threat Risk Assessment (PETRA), which assesses psychosocial symptomatology and risk of violence threat among adolescents. Dr. Schneller has presented at national conferences about identifying, documenting, preventing, and responding to violence in schools.

Areas of Expertise

  • Threat assessment in schools
  • School violence
  • Adolescent behavior
  • School psychology
  • School crisis management
  • Psychosocial evaluation


  • Specialist degree in school psychology from Barry University
  • Master’s in psychology, Barry University
  • PhD in educational leadership in exceptional student education from ???

Products, Publications, and Abstracts

Licenses and Professional Memberships

  • Licensed in Florida
  • Nationally certified school psychologist