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Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test

Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD

Assesses crystallized, fluid, and quantitative intelligence
Paper and pencil, Online administration and scoring via PARiConnect
Age range:
10 years to 75 years
50 minutes for full battery; 30 minutes for crystallized and fluid subtests only
Qualification level:
A degree from an accredited 4-year college or university in psychology, counseling, speech-language pathology, or a closely related field plus satisfactory completion of coursework in test interpretation, psychometrics and measurement theory, educational statistics, or a closely related area; or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Close

Rapid, Reliable, and Valid Intelligence Test that can be Administered Online


The RAIT is an intelligence test designed for group or individual administration for use with examinees ages 10 to 75 years. It is composed of seven subtests that assess crystallized, fluid, and quantitative aptitude or intelligence. Give the full battery or abbreviated version.


Features and benefits

  • The RAIT is a "power" test. It is timed, but not speeded.
  • Can be administered by a psychologist, qualified proctor, teacher, or administrator.
  • Composed of seven subtests that assess crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence, and quantitative aptitude or intelligence.
  • Designed to provide continuity of measurement across a wide age span.
  • Requires minimal reading skill and almost no motor coordination and visual-motor skill, reducing the complications that can occur when manipulated objects (e.g., blocks) are used to assess intelligence.
  • Administration and scoring are also available through PARiConnect; this digital version allows you to administer the full battery (i.e., all seven subtests) or the abbreviated battery (i.e., crystallized and fluid subtests only) and automatically calculates a measure of effort.
  • For non-verbal or non-English speaking clients, consider administering the RAIT-NV
  • Learn how to administer the RAIT remotely in our white paper.