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Craig Dawson

Director of HR Assessments

Craig R. Dawson, PhD, is a seasoned industrial–organizational psychologist with a strong interest in the intersection of science and technology. At PAR, Craig serves as Director of Human Resources Assessments, leading a new initiative focused on bringing PAR’s best-in-class assessment capabilities to a new market through InVista Talent. Craig is focused on client usability and fairness, principles that guided his work developing online hiring systems for some of the largest employers in the world, organizations such as Boeing, T-Mobile, and American Express. In his capacity as Director of Assessment Solutions for CEB, he was successful in developing more than 200 mass-market online employment tests.

In his spare time, Craig experiments with artificial intelligence and natural language processing methodology, creating social media “bots” by drawing on relevant prior experiences, for example, the text analytics project he chartered at CEB. Dr. Dawson is an active member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, frequently presenting at its annual conference and publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.