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Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes, 3rd Edition

Gary D. Gottfredson, PhD, and John L. Holland, PhD

Allows you to locate Holland occupational codes for all current DOT titles
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A “translation” of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and its supplements into the Holland classification system, this volume makes the 12,860 occupational titles from the DOT and its supplements more accessible to counselors, clients, and researchers who use the Holland classification to find or organize occupational information.

Features and benefits

  • Provides cross-reference indexes between DOT classifications and Holland Summary Codes.
  • Provides valuable information about the distinguishing characteristics of each occupational class, the distribution of occupations among the categories, Holland Summary Codes for U.S. Census and Standard Occupational Classification systems, and the validity of the classifications.
  • Links Holland Summary Codes to seven of the most widely used occupational classifications and information sources in the U.S.: the DOT and its supplements, the Occupational Employment Statistics System, the Standard Occupational Classification Manual, the Census Occupational Classification, the Classification of Instructional Programs, and the Guide to Occupational Exploration.