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You can best serve the needs of your clients and students when you have the right assessment instruments. PAR offers the following assessment products in Spanish, available directly for purchase, that cover all categories of assessment. Many of our other assessment products are available for licensing in Spanish. Visit our permissions and licensing page for more information. Download our Spanish Language brochure here.

Learn more about the TAPS-3

Product information: Intended to be used as part of a battery, the TAPS-3 measures what a child or adolescent does with what he or she hears. Results can help you diagnose auditory processing difficulties, imperceptions of auditory modality, language problems, and/or learning disabilities in both children and teens.

Materials: The TAPS-3 Test Booklets have been translated into U.S.Spanish.

Norms: U.S. Spanish

Learn more about the PDDBI

Product information: This informant-based rating scale is designed to assist in the assessment of children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Age-standardized scores for parent and teacher ratings are provided.

Materials: The PDDBI Parent Form been translated into U.S. Spanish.

Norms: English norms only.