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You can best serve the needs of your clients and students when you have the right assessment instruments. PAR offers the following assessment products in Spanish, available directly for purchase, that cover all categories of assessment. Many of our other assessment products are available for licensing in Spanish. Visit our permissions and licensing page for more information. Download our Spanish Language brochure here.

Learn more about the SDS Form E, 4th Edition: Spanish

Product information: Asks questions about an individual’s likes and dislikes, competencies, interests, and abilities.

Materials: Written at a 6th-grade level and translated into U.S. Spanish, this larger-print edition contains all three components of the English version: the Assessment Booklet, Folleto de Evaluación; the Jobs Finder, Encontrador de Empleos; and the You and Your Job Booklet, Usted y su Empleo.

Norms: English norms only

Learn more about the SDS 5th Edition: Spanish

Product information: The SDS Form R, 5th Edition, Spanish Version was designed specifically for Spanish-speaking individuals living in the U.S. It was translated by a company that specializes in translating psychological measures and reviewed by practicing bilingual counselors.

Materials: Available in a U.S. Spanish kit, which includes an English-language manual, an English-language Spanish version manual supplement, 25 Spanish Assessment Booklets, 25 Spanish Occupations Finders, and 25 Spanish You and Your Career Booklets. The Spanish forms are also available separately.

Norms: English norms only