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SDS® 5th Edition: Spanish

Product information: The SDS Form R, 5th Edition, Spanish Version was designed specifically for Spanish-speaking individuals living in the U.S. 

Materials: Available in a U.S. Spanish kit, which includes an English-language manual, an English-language Spanish version manual supplement, 25 Spanish Assessment Booklets, 25 Spanish Occupations Finders, and 25 Spanish You and Your Career Booklets. The Spanish forms are also available separately.

Norms: English norms only

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Standard SDS® Form E

Product information: Asks questions about an individual’s likes and dislikes, competencies, interests, and abilities.

Materials: Written at a 6th-grade level and translated into U.S. Spanish, this larger-print edition contains all three components of the English version: the Assessment Booklet, Folleto de Evaluación; the Jobs Finder, Encontrador de Empleos; and the You and Your Job Booklet, Usted y su Empleo.

Norms: English norms only

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