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Rorschach®: A Comprehensive System–Revised

Administration and Coding Manual: John E. Exner, Jr., PhD, Anne Andronikof, PhD, & Patrick Fontan, PhD
Interpretation and Technical Manual: John E. Exner, Jr., PhD, Anne Andronikof, PhD, & Patrick Fontan, PhD
Supplementary Scales Handbook: Jason M. Smith, PsyD, Yifat Weinberger-Katzav, PhD, & Patrick Fontan, PhD (Eds.)

Provides updated information on administering, scoring, and interpreting the Rorschach
Age range:
5 years to 70 years
Qualification level:
All qualifications for Level B plus an advanced professional degree that provides appropriate training in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Close

The Rorschach: A Comprehensive System--Revised Interpretation and Technical Manual is the revision to A Primer for Rorschach Interpretation. It focuses on priciples of interpretation, newly designed validity and key features clusters, considers normative information, factor analysis, and an updated evidence base. 

The Rorschach: A Comprehensive System--Revised Administration and Coding Manual is the long-awaited revision to the widely used A Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive System, 5th Ed. This new edition includes new administration and coding guidelines, improved FQ table layout, location maps, new advanced coding exercises with answer key and much more! 

The Rorschach: A Comprehensive System--Revised Supplementary Scales Handbook helps psychologists deepen their understanding of the people they encounter. Information on how scores were created, reliability, and validity is provided, along with coding and interpretation guidelines. For use with CS-R and CHESSSS-2 software. 

The newly revised and updated 12-page Structural Summary Blanks for the Comprehensive System-Revised booklet is for use with the Comprehensive System-Revised and includes sections for patient data and background information section, raw scores, validity and key features with strategy table reference, and more. 

Note: Rorschach is a registered trademark of Verlag Hans Huber AG, Bern, Switzerland. Rorschach® Test Plates and Rorschach® Miniature Test Plates © by Verlag Hans Huber AG, Bern, Switzerland, 1921, 1948, 1994. Reproduced by permission.