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Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students, 2nd Ed.

Susan K. Johnsen, PhD, and Anne L. Corn, PhD

Identifies gifted students in kindergarten through 8th grade
Paper and pencil
Age range:
5 years to 14 years, 11 months
Approximately 30-45 minutes for each subtest
Qualification level:
All qualifications for Level B plus an advanced professional degree that provides appropriate training in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Close

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The SAGES-2 assesses aptitude and achievement to identify gifted students.

Features and benefits

  • The Reasoning subtest measures aptitude; the Mathematics/Science and Language Arts/Social Studies subtests measure achievement.
  • Test items require not only recall but also understanding and application of ideas and concepts in the content areas.
  • Normed on two large samples: the normal sample consisted of 3,023 students who were in heterogeneous classrooms; the gifted sample consisted of 2,290 students who were identified as gifted by their local school districts. Standard scores and percentile ranks are provided for both samples.
  • Reliability coefficients for the test are high, and test-retest studies show that the SAGES-2 is stable over time.
  • Extensive validity data document the test’s relationship to the WISC®-III, OLSAT™, Stanford Achievement Test, and the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scale.

Note: The SAGES-2 is not intended for identifying children for classes emphasizing talents in creative, artistic, or leadership areas.