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Unstuck & On Target! An Executive Function Curriculum to Improve Flexibility, Planning, and Organization, Second Edition

Lynn Cannon, MEd, Lauren Kenworthy, PhD, Katie C. Alexander, MS, OTR, Monica Adler Werner, MA, and Laura Gutermuth Anthony, PhD

Teaches flexibility, problem solving, coping, and goal setting for learners with autism, ADHD, and other challenges that affect executive function
Paper and pencil
Age range:
8 years to 11 years
Qualification level:
No special qualifications are required, although the range of products eligible for purchase is limited. Close

Now available!

For students with executive function challenges, problems with flexibility and goal-directed behavior can be major obstacles to success in school and in life. With the enhanced second edition of this popular curriculum, now optimized for both in-person and virtual instruction, you'll have everything you need to explicitly teach executive function skills in today's educational environment. 


A highly effective intervention for students ages 8–11, Unstuck & On Target! provides 21 ready-to-use, field-tested lessons that boost critical skills like cognitive flexibility, problem solving, coping, and goal setting. Ideal for use with learners with autism, ADHD, and other challenges that affect executive function, this curriculum includes a comprehensive manual and a package of digital, downloadable components that are easy to print and use in face-to-face or virtual settings.

What's new in this edition

  • Optimized for the way you teach today. The new format allows for use in schools or during remote instruction.
  • Now appropriate for learners with ADHD and other challenges that affect executive function.
  • Includes enhanced parent materials, including materials in Spanish. 

Features and benefits

  • A school-based intervention for students ages 8 to 11 years.
  • Provides ready-to-use lessons that boost cognitive flexibility in everyday situations.
  • Meets the needs of MTSS Tier 2 learners who need more focused instruction.
  • Gives explicit, step-by-step routines, activities, and scripts to help students improve executive function skills.
  • Can be used by any teacher in any classroom.
  • Makes learning fun with engaging games, role plays, stories, and lively class discussions.
  • Reinforces new skills through 19 home practice handouts in English and Spanish.