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Keeping your clients, students, and patients safe during these uncertain times is exceptionally important.
We offer a variety of tools to help you comply with social distancing requirements while allowing you to continue serving to those in need.

Click here for PAR's statement on telehealth.

RIAS™-2 Remote and RIST™-2 Remote—NOW AVAILABLE!

The RIAS-2 Remote and RIST-2 Remote consist of simple modifications to the RIAS-2 and RIST-2 components, digital packaging, and step-by-step videoconferencing instructions that allow you to continue assessing your clients for intelligence and its major components and to screen for general intelligence in remote settings.


This white paper describes in detail how to administer two of our intelligence tests remotely using PARiConnect and videoconferencing software.



This white paper provides step-by-step instructions on how to administer our performance-based decision-making assessment test remotely.


This white paper details how to remotely administer this assessment of perseveration and abstract reasoning.

A handy guide for remote appointments

Prepare your clients and students for their remote appointment by providing them with this helpful checklist. It guides them through the simple tasks they need to complete before “arriving” to your session, including ensuring a stable internet connection and having a quiet environment. Feel free to download, print, and share!


Remote administration in action

Watch as Daniel McFadden, MBA, Director of Customer Support, guides you step-by-step through how to remotely administer a PAR product using PARiConnect and a videoconferencing platform. And remember, we are always here to assist—just call 1.800.331.8378 to speak to a Customer Support Specialist.

PARiConnect is the best online assessment portal in the industry, offering the most intuitive platform, the products you need most, and unparalleled security and speed. More than 70 products are available for administration, scoring, and reporting 24/7.

Now is the best time to brush up on your product knowledge and learn more about the field of assessment. PAR’s Training Portal offers you the opportunity to interact with nearly 20 products—FREE. 


Don’t have access to your print manuals right now? We are offering access to an e-Manual version of that same assessment for free. We’ve also developed a short video on how to use our e-Manuals.

To request your free e-Manual, contact Customer Support at 1.800.331.8378 or via email at and reference your account/previous order information for the manual in question.

COVID-19 Resources

You need information, and you need it fast. Visit our COVID-19 resources page for COVID-19-specific updates and resources from a variety of trusted sources across our field, including organizations such as NASP and APA.