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Assessment Advisors

PAR's professional team of Assessment Advisors is trained to offer knowledgeable product information and to assist school districts and other large institutions with designing assessment programs tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our Advisors are available to discuss your assessment needs and to provide up-to-date sample materials. They also are available to arrange onsite product-specific training and author presentations.

Browse through the Supplemental Product Information to access sample reports, PowerPoint® presentations, literature reviews, and featured articles that can help you learn more about our products.

We encourage you to take advantage of these resources and to contact a Clinical or Educational Assessment Advisor if you need any assistance with product-related questions or your individualized assessment needs.

PAR-sponsored workshops

It's easy to arrange a PAR-sponsored workshop in your area. Simply read our workshop guidelines and then contact a Clinical Assessment Consultant at 1.866.253.4050 to schedule.

Once you have scheduled a workshop with an Advisor, an electronic version of the workshop handout will be sent to you so that you can print it out and make copies for workshop attendees. Keep in mind that our workshop offering, Product Overview: Effective Assessment Products Designed to Meet Your Needs, presents information on a variety of PAR-published products and will be customized especially for your group. It is ideal for groups that contain a wide range of school specialists who work with children and adolescents in a variety of testing situations.

In an effort to meet the needs of our Customers' recertification requirements, PAR is listed as an approved provider* of continuing professional development credits for NASP. Your Assessment Advisor will work with you to submit forms and documentation that satisfy NASP criteria.

Below is a list of the current workshops PAR is offering.

  • Product Overview: Effective Assessment Products Designed to Meet Your Needs
  • Standardized, Multidimensional Assessment of Child Trauma Symptomology
  • Effective Implementation of RTI Through Vocabulary Assessment and Instruction: The SLP’s Role
  • An Empirically Based Model for Effective Threat Assessment/Crisis Intervention in the Schools
  • Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: Bridging the Gap Between Assessment and Interventions in the Context of DSM-5
  • Introduction to PARiConnect
  • The Academic Achievement Battery™ Comprehensive and Screening Forms (AAB™)
  • Introduction to the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function®, Second Edition (BRIEF®2)
  • Introduction to the Child and Adolescent Memory Profile™ (ChAMP™)
  • Introduction to DBR Connect™
  • Comprehensive, Reliable Assessment of Emotional Disturbance Criteria and Social Maladjustment Using the Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree™ (EDDT™) and the Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree™–Parent Form (EDDT™-PF)
  • Introduction to the Feifer Assessment of Mathematics™ (FAM™)
  • Introduction to the Feifer Assessment of Reading™ (FAR™)
  • The Neuropsychological Assessment Battery® (NAB®): An Efficient, Integrated, and Comprehensive Assessment of Functioning
  • Assessment and Treatment of Parent-Adolescent Conflict
  • Introduction to the Parenting Stress Index™, Fourth Edition (PSI™-4)
  • Age-Standardized Assessment and Progress Monitoring of Children on the Autism Spectrum Using the PDD Behavior Inventory™ (PDDBI™)
  • Early Onset Bipolar Disorder and the Pediatric Behavior Rating Scale™ (PBRS™)
  • The Personality Assessment Inventory® (PAI®): A Significant Improvement in Personality Assessment
  • Assessment of Psychopathology in Adolescents Using the Personality Assessment Inventory™–Adolescent (PAI®-A)
  • Development and Application of the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales™, Second Edition (RIAS™-2)
  • Introduction to the Self-Directed Search® (SDS®)
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Monitoring of Social-Emotional Assets and Resiliencies (SEARS)
  • Development, Application, and Interpretation of the Tasks of Executive Control™ (TEC™)

Schedule your informative workshop today for groups of 25 people or more! Workshops also may be given as Webinars for smaller groups or to reach several sites at one time. Call a PAR Assessment Advisor today at 1.866.253.4050.

*PAR is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer continuing education for school psychologists. PAR maintains responsibility for the program.

Save time and money with PAR's QuickQuote...

Ordering is convenient and easy at PAR. Simply compile a list of the products you'd like to order, then:

  • FAX the complete list of items you need to 813.969.0794, or
  • E-MAIL the complete list to your Advisor.

We will generate a Personalized Price Quote for the assessment materials you need and e-mail it to you by the next business day. Your quote will include all applicable discounts and any reduced shipping rates for which your organization qualifies. When you are ready to order, contact PAR and reference the Price Quote Number on your Purchase Order (PO) or attach the e-mailed Personalized Price Quote with your order. Once we receive the approved PO from your organization, we will immediately process your order.