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Kristin Greco, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Kristin Greco, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer for PAR, Inc. Kristin is responsible for the development and implementation of the Company’s core strategic goals and objectives and ensuring that the company stays true to its core values and mission. A large part of this is providing exceptional Customer Service to its Customers and providing for and supporting the exceptional team that makes up PAR, along with supporting the community in which it works. 

Kristin obtained her bachelor’s degree with a double major in psychology and Italian studies from Emory University and her MBA from St. John’s University in Rome, Italy.

Before joining the PAR team in 2010, Kristin worked as a research assistant for Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University’s Department of Neuropsychology; performed market research for Baxter at its location in Rome, Italy; and conducted data analytics, procurement, and contract negotiation duties for Johnson & Johnson.