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Your students will always need your help with various challenges, including behavioral, mental, social–emotional, interpersonal, adjustment, and learning difficulties.

You are uniquely qualified to support students’ ability to learn—
so they can go on to live fulfilling lives.

PAR offers many solutions to assist you and your students during the school year.


NEW! Assesses written language skills to help diagnose written language disorders 
Screening Form also available

Allows you to assess
intelligence remotely


Allows you to screen for
intelligence remotely

Helps identify possible
child victims of trauma (ages 8-17 years)

Helps identify possible
child victims of trauma (ages 3-12 years)

NEW! Uses BRIEF2 scores to predict
likelihood of ADHD

Screens for depressive symptoms
in adolescents

Screens for depressive symptoms
in children in Grades 2-6

Remote Assessment Solutions

We offer step-by-step instructions on how to remotely administer some of our most popular performance-based and cognitive tests to your students via videoconferencing and software or PARiConnect:

And check out our Remote Assessment Solutions page for more information on how PAR can help you stay safe and serve your students while you’re social distancing.

In-Person e-Stimulus Books

Our In-Person e-Stimulus Books allow for easy administration of stimuli via an iPad® or tablet during in-person testing sessions. Check this space as we add more e-Stimulus Books to our lineup! In-Person e-Stimulus Books for the RIAS-2RIST-2, FAR, FAR Screening FormFAW, FAW Screening Form, Identi-Fi, FAM, FAM Screening Form, ChAMP, AAB Comprehensive Form, and MVP are now available.


e-Manuals are downloadable digital versions of PAR professional manuals, and we offer more than 100 of them for your convenience (and we’re adding more all the time!). Don’t have access to your print manuals right now? We’re offering access to an e-Manual version of that same assessment for free. To request your free e-Manual, contact Customer Support at 1.800.331.8378 or via email at


PARiConnect is the best online assessment portal in the industry, offering the most intuitive platform, the products you need most, and unparalleled security and speed. More than 70 products are available for administration, scoring, and reporting 24/7.

Training Portal

Administer with confidence! The PAR Training Portal offers nearly 20 product-specific courses that enable you to learn more about PAR products, including in-depth administration tips and technical details. We’re always adding more courses, so check back frequently for the latest.

COVID-19 Resources

You need information, and you need it fast. Visit our COVID-19 resources page for COVID-19-specific updates and resources from a variety of trusted sources across our field, including organizations such as NASP and APA.

Remote School Resources

Many families are grappling with concerns related to virtual school environments. This white paper offers suggestions and resources that may help.

Need a hand with any of our school resources or products? We’re here to help! Just give us a call at 1.800.331.8378.